Evaluation of the Somatostatin, CXCR4 Chemokine and Endothelin A Receptor Expression in a Large Series of Paragangliomas Abstract #1347

Introduction: Paragangliomas are predominantly benign tumors, but in some cases invasive growth and also metastasis is observed. Given the limited number of nonsurgical treatment options, novel target structures for diagnostics and therapy of this tumor entity are urgently needed.
Aim(s): In the present study, the expression of the five somatostatin receptor (SSTR) subtypes as well as of the chemokine receptor CXCR4 and of the endothelin receptor A (ETA) was evaluated.
Materials and methods: Receptor expression was assessed by means of immunohistochemistry using a panel of novel rabbit monoclonal antibodies in a total of 54 paraffin-embedded paraganglioma tumor samples from 43 patients. The stainings were rated by means of the Immunoreactive Score and correlated to clinical data.
Conference: 13th Annual ENETS conference 2016 (2016)
Category: Biomarkers
Presenting Author: Prof. Amelie Lupp

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