History of EBNEN

The offspring of the idea to establish a European Board of Neuroendocrine Neoplasia Medicine dates back to 2018, when the Advisory Baord of ENETS explored possibilities to improve training standards for it’s members. As a result, a Specialist Curriculum for neuroendocrine neoplasia medicine has been created.  

Ever since, ENETS has been working closely with the UEMS to establish the European Training Requirements (ETR) for the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC)/Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases (RUD) for NeuroEndocrine Neoplasias (NEN) defining the standards for trainees, trainers, and training centers.

The ETR was approved by the UEMS Council in July 2020. Subsequently, the UEMS also approved to set up a multidisciplinary joint committee (MJC) for neuroendocrine neoplasia medicine. The aims of this committee are to:

  • Achieve competency in NEN medicine
  • Setting educational standards for training institutions and the maintenance of such standards
  • Identifying minimal requirements for training and publish a European Curriculum
  • Defining rules for accreditation of educational activities
  • Offering a systematic assessment for the recognition of quality, both for the individual and training institutions.

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