Development and Initial Validation of a Brief Questionnaire to Assess Patient Satisfaction with Self-Injection of Lanreotide Autogel: Results During a Home Training Programme


Introduction: The long acting formulation of lanreotide autogel(LAN) can facilitate self-injection (SI) by patients or caregivers at home, avoiding visits to health centers. Training by nurses is required to ensure successful SI. Patient satisfaction(PS) is an important outcome of SI and home care programs.

Aim(s): To design a brief questionnaire to assess PS with SI of LAN and to assess its validity and reliability during a home administration support program.

Materials and methods: After a literature review, specific areas were selected: fear of injection-FI; trust in successful SI(T); ease of use(EU); general satisfaction with SI(GS); willingness to continue with SI(W); satisfaction with training(ST). For each area, a set of items was designed, and its face validity was evaluated by an expert panel. Patients with NETs or acromegaly who agreed to enter the support program answered questionnaires via a telephone interview at the following timepoints: PRE(at first nurse visit:FI,T); POST(2 months after SI start:FI,T,EU,GS,W,ST); and POST-NJ(2 months after starting using the LAN new syringe:FI,T,EU,GS,W). Construct validity (Exploratory Factor Analysis-EFA) and Reliability(Cronbach’s alpha-CA) were assessed.

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author: Hernando J

Authors: Hernando J, Teulé A, Simó-Servat A, Serrano R, Venegas E,

Keywords: Lanreotide, Satisfaction, Home training,

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