Distinct Expression of Splicing Variants of the Human MEN1 (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1) Gene in Various Pituitary Adenomas


Introduction: MEN1 is an autosomal-dominant tumor syndrome characterized by the occurrence of tumors in multiple endocrine tissues, including parathyroid, enteropancreatic neuroendocrine and anterior pituitary. The MEN1 gene consists of 10 exons transcribed into a 610 a.a. protein. It was reported that heterogeneity of human MEN1 gene transcripts related to variation in their 5’ UTR. Six distinct exsons1 (e1A-e1F) were isolated using RNA from thymus, pancreas and kidney.

Aim(s): To investigate the transcription start sites in several human pituitary adenomas.

Materials and methods: 1) To obtain the 5’ end of the MEN1 cDNA, 5’RACE was performed using Marathon-Ready cDNA libraries for pituitary, hypothalamus and adrenal gland. Amplification products were subcloned into the pGEMT-Easy plasmid and sequenced. 2) The 5’ end and splice variants was determined using cDNA and PCR from 5 GH-secreting adenomas, five proractinoma, five Cushing disease and five non-functioning adenomas.

Conference: 11th Annual ENETSConcerence (2014)

Presenting Author: Ozawa A

Authors: Ozawa A, Watanabe T, Tosaka M, Yoshimoto Y, Horiguchi K,

Keywords: MEN1, pituitary,

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