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Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Lung: Single-Centre Retrospective Cohort Study


Introduction: Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma (LCNEC) is a rare lung tumour, diagnosed based on high-grade features, presence of neuroendocrine morphology and immunohistochemical evidence of neuroendocrine markers. LCNEC was grouped with the pulmonary neuroendocrine carcinomas in 2015 WHO classification.

Aim(s): To describe a cancer centre cohort of LCNEC patients.

Materials and methods: Retrospective cohort study of all the adult patients with the diagnosis of LCNEC, treated at the pneumology department of a cancer centre, between 1 January 2000 and 31 November 2017. Clinical data were obtained by individual medical chart review. Survival was calculated by Kaplan-Meier method using Stata 12.1®.

Conference: 15th Annual ENETSConcerence (2018)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Martins Branco D, Cunha F, Claro I, Almodovar T,

Keywords: LCNEC,

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