Occurrence of Other Primary Malignancies in Patients with Endocrine Tumors of the Digestive Tract and Pancreas


Introduction: Endocrine tumors of the digestive tract and pancreas (GEP-NET) are often considered to be associated with other primary malignancies.

Aim(s): Further differentiation between previous, synchronous and metachronous lesions, studying 491 consecutive single center GEP-NET patients.

Materials and methods: Two-hundred and fifty-eight men and 233 women with GEP-NET (median age: 58 years) diagnosed between 2000-2009. The timeline, before-at-after diagnosis and type of other malignancies was studied using person-year methodology. Poisson distributions were used for testing of statistical significance. Data were linked to the National Cancer Registry.

Conference: 8th Annual ENETSConcerence (2011)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Kamp K, Damhuis R, Feelders R, de Herder W,

Keywords: GEP, NET, second tumors, cancer, previous, synchronous, metachronous,

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