Pancreatic Angiography with Selective Intra-Arterial Calcium Stimulation for the Localization of Insulinomas: A Case Report.


Introduction: Surgery is the gold standard treatment of insulinomas. Before planning the surgical procedure, the tumor must be precisely localized. Usually, the combination of Endoscopic Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging localize more than 80% of the tumors. But due to its small size, other more sophisticated techniques must be performed in order to improve the diagnosis accuracy. Some of them, like angiography, are invasive.

Aim(s): There is a wide discrepancy with regard to the effectiveness of this technique, relying the success mostly on the team's experience. We report a case in which after failing in its location with all the standard procedures, we conducted a Pancreatic Angiography with Selective Intra-Arterial calcium Stimulation and Venous Insulin Sampling during surgery.

Materials and methods: The procedure was performed according to the standardized protocol in our hospital.

Conference: 10th Annual ENETSConcerence (2013)

Presenting Author: Pi J

Authors: Chu-Montiel D, De La Maza L, Pi J, Aldea J, Sánchez-Manuel J,

Keywords: insulinoma, pancreatic angiography, intra-arterial calcium stimulation,

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