Systemic Chemotherapy for Inoperable Goblet Cell Adenocarcinomas (GCAs) and the Role of Anti-EGFR Antibodies


Introduction: Appendiceal GCAs (previously Goblet Cell Carcinoids) have variable behaviour. Systemic chemotherapy (Chemo) is often extrapolated from colon cancer. KRAS mutations (KRAS-mut) are rare and more often present in Tang-C/high grade. The role of anti-EGFR antibodies (MoAb) is unknown.

Aim(s): To describe the use of Chemo and MoAb in GCAs.

Materials and methods: Data from all consecutive patients (pts) with inoperable GCA (1999-2019) were retrospectively collected. Kaplan-Meier, log-rank test and univariate (UV)/multivariable Cox regression analyses (MVA) were performed (survival analysis).

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Barriuso J, Martin A, Chakrabarty B, Burghel G, Lamarca A,

Keywords: goblet cell adenocarcinomas, chemotherapy, anti-egfr,

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