The Major Role of Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET)-Specialist Nurse in Improving NET Patients Disease-related QoL - Preliminary Data


Introduction: There is increasing evidence regarding the key role of dedicated specialist nurses in the treatment of cancer patients. Nurse coordinators serves as an available, accessible and knowledgeable resource for both patient and patient's family, more than the general registered nurses. They know better how to control symptoms and work as team players with multiple care providers.

Aim(s): To evaluate the real-life impact of a NET-specialist nurse in improving NET patients QoL.

Materials and methods: Forty-two patients with variety of NETs treated at our unit completed a standardized questionnaire (adapted from the EORTC QLQ -GIENET21 questionnaire) to assess the role of the NET nurse coordinator on pain management, medical treatment and side-effects, nutrition, blood tests, coping with health insurance (HMO) and community health care, and on patient general satisfaction.

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Tal I, Grozinsky-Glasberg S, Oleinikov K, Gross D, Rosenberg M,

Keywords: NET-specialist nurse, NET nurse coordinator,

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