Typical and Atypical Bronchial NETs with Advanced Disease: Incidence, Management and Survival


Introduction: Bronchial NETs are classified according to the 2004 WHO classification into typical, atypical and poorly differentiated. Typical and atypical tumours can develop metastatic disease (Stage IV) which requires careful management

Aim(s): We sought to compare the outcomes of typical and atypical bronchial NETs, that either presented with or developed stage IV (TNM) disease

Materials and methods: We retrospectively identified and analysed 75 patients, with either typical or atypical bronchial NETs and stage IV disease . Histopathological and imaging data, and treatments' responses were obtained from our electronic records

Conference: 15th Annual ENETSConcerence (2018)

Presenting Author: McFadyen R

Authors: McFadyen R, Smith J, Diamantopoulos L, Caplin M, Toumpanakis C,

Keywords: typical, atypical, bronchial, ki-67,

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