Prof. Bertram Wiedenmann

ENETS Chair from 2004 until 2006

Bertram Wiedenmann is Senior Professor and head of NET-Research at the ENETS-Center of Excellence, Charite. From 1997 until 2019, he was heading the Dept. of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. In addition, he is co-owner of 3Bp Pharmaceuticals, Berlin and AutemTherapeutics, Hanover, HN, USA and also CMO of the altter company. Following his discovery of synaptophysin (1985), his scientific interests focused on translational research in gastrointestinal oncology, specifically NEN of the gastroenteropancreatic system. He was a Co-founder of ENETS in 2004 and has also initiated and developed the first TNM classification together with G. Rindi in 2005, the ENETS Registry together with U. Plöckinger in 2007, the ENETS Centers of Excellence in the same year and the CoE Excellence Academy Fellowship programmes. He was the first Chairman to serve at ENETS from 2004 to 2006 and has been its Treasurer from 2008-2020. He is a member of several international and national societies and was also an Associate Editor of the official ENETS journal, Neuroendocrinology. Professor Wiedenmann has published in numerous leading scientific peer-reviewed journals.

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