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Insulin 100 – celebrating neuroendocrine research after 100 years of insulin

This year marks the centenary of the discovery of insulin. Over the last 100 years, this discovery has changed the lives of millions. Journal of Neuroendocrinology is celebrating with a Special Issue focusing on insulin action in the brain and the wider role of the brain in the control of whole-body glucose homeostasis.

The Special Issue features 19 state-of-the-art reviews and professionally illustrated figures that are free to use with credit. Guest editors include Associate Professor Zane Andrews (Monash University, Australia) and Professor David Grattan (University of Otago, New Zealand).

Topics covered in the Special Issue reviews:

  • The discovery of insulin
  • How insulin acts in the brain
  • Insulin and the central regulation of energy balance
  • Insulin action beyond the hypothalamus and into the future
  • Neuroendocrine role of insulin in areas such as cognition, mood and motivation.

Click below to read the Special Issue: "Insulin 100 – celebrating neuroendocrine research after 100 years of insulin’. A Special Issue of review articles to mark the centenary of the discovery of insulin."

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