New TKI results in NETs




New TKI results in NETs

Moderators: Angela LAMARCA, Antongiulio FAGGIANO, Gregory KALTSAS

Opening – Gregory KALTSAS

Part 1: Digestive and Lung NET – Moderator: Angela LAMARCA

Presentation – Rocio GARCIA-CARBONERO

Panel discussion

Part 2: MTC and pheochromocytomas/paragangliomas – Moderator: Gregory KALTSAS

Presentation – Ashley GROSSMAN

Panel discussion

Part 3: Room for combination – Moderator: Antongiulio FAGGIANO

Presentation – Francesca SPADA

Panel discussion

Closing comments – Angela LAMARCA

Tonight's Moderators:

Tonight's Speakers:

The webinar series is intended for HCPs qualified by law to prescribe medicine.