PRRT – practical issues & "grey areas"




PRRT in GEP NENs– practical issues & “grey areas”

Moderators: Simona GLASBERG, Marie-Louise VAN VELTHUYSEN, Joakim CRONA

Welcome – Simona GLASBERG

PRRT: Who TO TREAT or NOT TO TREAT? PRRT definition, how to prepare, evaluate and follow-up the patients?

Moderator – Simona GLASBERG

2 cases – Kristi ALEXANDRAKI

Guidelines / Literature – Vikas PRASAD


PRRT antitumor activity across NET primaries: Similar results?

Moderator – Marie-Louise VAN VELTHUYSEN

2 cases – Noémie MINCZELES

Guidelines / Literature – Tessa BRABANDER


Future: Salvage (re-treatment) / neo-adjuvant PRRT or combination with other NEN treatments?

Moderator – Joakim CRONA

2 cases – Stefano PARTELLI

Literature review and expert opinion – Jonathan STROSBERG


Closing comments – Joakim CRONA

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The webinar series is intended for HCPs qualified by law to prescribe medicine.