Collision Tumor of the Appendix: Mucinous Cystadenoma and Carcinoid. A Case Report


Introduction: Mucinous cystadenoma is the most common of benign neoplasms of the appendix and carcinoid is the most common type of primary malignant lesions of the appendix.

Aim(s): We report a rare case of a 39-year-old female with combined mucinous cystadenoma and carcinoid tumor of the appendix.

Materials and methods: A 39-year-old white woman presented after incidentally palpating an abdominal mass. She refered abdominal pain on her right iliac fossa. No relevant personal history. Abdominal ultrasound and computed tomography (CT-scan) revealed a cystic tumor in the right iliac fossa, originating from the appendix.

Conference: 13th Annual ENETSConcerence (2016)

Presenting Author: OConnor J

Authors: Pombo T, O'Connor J, Dominichini E, Belli S, Pesce V,

Keywords: collision tumor, appendix tumor,

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