CommNETS: Formation of an International Commonwealth Countries NET Partnership


Introduction: Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) care is challenging in Canada, Australia and New Zealand due to small populations in large geographical space, limited drug funding, and lack of NET awareness. There is a need for collaboration to focus research and improve care and outcomes for NET patients in these nations with similar health systems.

Aim(s): To create multi-nation NET collaboration.

Materials and methods: A multidisciplinary group of clinicians, researchers and patients from all three nations attended an inaugural meeting to create the Commonwealth Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (CommNETS) in Nov 2015. A modified Delphi process was undertaken to set priorities for the new group using a web-based questionnaire.

Conference: 13th Annual ENETSConcerence (2016)

Presenting Author: Singh S

Authors: Singh S, Lawrence B, Chan D, Pavlakis N, Segelov E,

Keywords: research, society,

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