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Does Somatostatin Receptor (SSR) Positive Tumor Volume Determined on Ga68 DOTANOC PET/CT in Patients with Paraganglioma (PGL)/Pheochromocytoma(PCC) Correlate with Biomarkers? An Explorative Study


Introduction: SSR PET/CT is used in workup of pts with PCC/ PGL. Correlation of tumour burden on PET & biomarkers 24 hr Urine Metanephrines (UMET), normetanephrine (UNMET), UMET:creatinine ratio (MET:Crea),UNMET:creatinine (UNMET:crea) & Chromogranin A (CGA) has not been done.

Aim(s): Correlate tumour burden on 68Ga DOTANOC PET/CT with biomarkers UMET, UNMET, MET:crea,UNMET:crea &CGA

Materials and methods: Data of pts with PGL/PCC scanned with 68Ga DOTANOC PET /CT (PET) was analysed & biomarkers within 5 months. On PET peak standardised uptake value (SUVpeak), metabolic tumor volume (MTV) & total lesion SSR burden (product of mean SUV x MTV) hitherto named TLSSRB evaluated

Conference: 15th Annual ENETSConcerence (2018)

Presenting Author: Steyn R

Authors: Steyn R, Prasad V,

Keywords: 68Ga DOTANOC PET CT, PGL, PCC,

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