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Efficacy of Oral Chemotherapy with Capecitabine and Temozolomide (Captem) in Patients with Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETS). A Single-Institution Experience


Introduction: CapTem chemotherapy regimen is a standard treatment for NETs but limited scientific data on its efficacy and tolerability are available

Aim(s): This retrospective analysis evaluated all patients (pts)with metastatic NETs treated with CapTem regimen at our hospital from April 2013 to November 2017

Materials and methods: The schedule used included capecitabine 600 mg/m2/ BID (capped at 1,000 mg BID total dose) on days 1–14 and temozolomide 75 mg/m2/BID on days 10–14 every 28 days, according to the regimen published by Fine RL et al.(Cancer Chemother Pharmacol, 2013).Overall survival (OS),progression free survival (PFS),overall response rate (ORR)and toxicities were retrospectively evaluated

Conference: 15th Annual ENETSConcerence (2018)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Smiroldo V, Carnaghi C, Lania A, Bonifacio C, Pepe G,

Keywords: CapTem, metastatic neuroendocrine tumors,

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