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Epidemiological Features of Patients with NeuroEndocrine Neoplasms (NENs): Preliminary Results of an Observational Study by the Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology (HeSMO)


Introduction: NENs are rare tumors and can grow in almost all tissues. Regardless histological, molecular and imaging characteristics that are indicative of the primary origin, a significant percentage remain of unknown primary.

Aim(s): A prospective observational study was conducted by HeSMO in Oncology Departments to register patients with histologically confirmed NEN.

Materials and methods: Inclusion criteria were: a) residency in Greece, b) treatment by medical Oncologist in Greece, c) Age > 14 years and d) signed informed consent.

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author: Koumarianou A

Authors: Koumarianou A, Tsoukalas N, Syrigos K, Demiri S, Ziras N,

Keywords: NeuroEndocrine Neoplasms (NENs), epidemiological features, registry, diagnosis, Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology (HeSMO),

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