Inter- and Intrapatient Mean Absorbed Dose Variation and Simplification of Dosimetric Workflow after PRRT


Introduction: Post-PRRT dosimetry is not routinely performed, partly due to required multiple imaging time points. One time point imaging would reduce patient burden, and make dosimetry more applicable in the clinical settings.

Aim(s): To assess patient variation in mean absorbed dose and kinetics, to eventually estimate the cumulative activity using one imaging time point.

Materials and methods: Four post-therapy imaging time points of 10 patients treated with a total of 38 PRRT cycles were available for dosimetry. Coefficients of variation (CoV) were calculated for inter- and intrapatient mean absorbed dose variation. Target kinetics were used to calculate the true cumulative activity using all imaging time points after each cycle. The estimated cumulative activity was based on population average kinetics (using the first cycle of each patient or all 38 cycles) and target specific kinetics based from the first cycle.

Conference: 17th Annual ENETSConcerence (2020)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Huizing D, Versleijen M, Martens E, Verheij M, Sinaasappel M,

Keywords: dosimetry, PRRT, simplification,

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