Measurement in Blood of a Circulating NET mRNA Gene to Predict Surgical Efficacy Abstract #1878

Introduction: Surgery is the only curative treatment for GEP-NETs, but identifying post-surgery residual disease is difficult and often delayed.
Aim(s): Examine whether a blood multianalyte neuroendocrine gene transcript assay defines the completeness of surgical resection and identifies residual disease.
Materials and methods: GEP-NETs (n=48) were evaluated. Group I (retrospective: n=33); Group II (prospective: n=15). Blood samples were obtained before and 1 month after surgery. Disease status was evaluated at 6 months (CT/MRI;68Ga DOTA- PET/CT, 99mTc TOC SPECT/CT). CgA levels were the comparator.
Conference: 14th Annual ENETS conference 2017 (2017)
Category: Surgical treatment
Presenting Author: Professor Mark Kidd
Keywords: NETest, surgery, biomarker, NET

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