High Resolution (Epi)genomic Analysis Comparing Pulmonary Carcinoids with a Favorable and a Poor Disease Outcome


Introduction: Lung carcinoids are a heterogenous group of neuroendocrine tumors. MEN1 mutations and 11q22-q25 deletions have been implied in their tumorigenesis. Very few genome wide and methylation studies have been conducted to further elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying tumorigenesis.

Aim(s): To identify (epi)genetic alterations and differentially expressed genes comparing tumors with good and poor outcome using high resolution microarray platforms.

Materials and methods: DNA isolated from 5 tumors with a favorable (>5yr survival) and 5 with a poor (distant metastasis / deceased) disease outcome was subjected to ArrayCGH and Methylated CpG Island Recovery Assay (MIRA) using 3x720k Nimblegen array analysis. mRNA expression was examined on 4x44k Agilent arrays, with a human pool expressing 70-80% of genes as a control.


Presenting Author:

Authors: Swarts D, Van Neste L, De Hoon J, Van Velthuysen M, Burgers J,

Keywords: Bronchial carcinoids, MIRA, Expression profiling, arrayCGH,

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