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A Gene Expression-Based Nomogram Predicts Progression Free Survival in Small Bowel NETs


Introduction: Nomograms are predictive tools that help prognosticate. A survival nomogram has been validated for small bowel NETs. A circulating NET specific 51gene signature – the NETest – has efficacy (~95%) as a predictor of progression free survival (PFS).

Aim(s): Evaluate whether including molecular information increases the predictive accuracy of a clinical nomogram for PFS in small bowel NETs.

Materials and methods: Small bowel NETs (n=84) median follow-up 22 months. Clinical history including age (median: 65 years), gender (43M), grade (NET G1: 60, NET G2: 24), stage (CS: I-IV), functional status, surgery, CgA and SSA use were used. Blood transcript levels (n=51) measured by QRT-PCR (scaled 0-100%). Outcome was PFS (RECIST). Mann-Whitney, McNemar, Kaplan-Meier and Cox-proportional modeling.

Conference: 14th Annual ENETSConcerence (2017)

Presenting Author: Kidd M

Authors: Kidd M, Tesselaar M, Korse T, Verbeek W, Drozdov I,

Keywords: Nomogram, prognosis, NETest, PFS, grade, biomarker,

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