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Validation of a Blood Neuroendocrine Tumor Gene Signature, the NETest, in a Netherlands NET Cohort


Introduction: The CgA has limitations as a monoanalyte biomarker. The introduction of a PCR-based multi-analyte analysis of 51 genes (NETest) has been proposed as more accurate.

Aim(s): We evaluated the NETest and CgA in a Dutch cohort and evaluated diagnosis and prediction of disease status

Materials and methods: 20 healthy volunteers and 133 patients with NET were included. G1: n=100, G2: n=33; positive Octreoscan: n=104; non-progressive disease (NPD): n=84, progressive disease (PD): n=49. Transcripts assessment-real-time PCR (ULN: 14%) and CgA-Kryptor (ULN: 100µg/l) were measured. Mann-Whitney tests and ROC-statistics were used. Values expressed as median (range)

Conference: 13th Annual ENETSConcerence (2016)

Presenting Author:

Authors: Tesselaar M, Korse T, Kidd M, Verbeek W, Drozdov I,

Keywords: NETest, CgA, PCR, progressive disease,

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